We will work with you to develop sustainable, quick, flexible and elegant Excel solutions.

New Models

At Excel Expert we work with you to analyse your problem and find the best solution in a short time frame. Our models are built on a strong foundation of best practices and quality that ensures that you have a robust long-term solution.

Our experienced designers are able to “design” a spreadsheet that will work not only for today but tomorrow also. Our solutions are not only attractive, they are intuitive and easy to use whilst being extremely powerful.

A model built by Excel Expert is the full packaged solution – simple, elegant, robust and flexible.
We can work with you on existing models to ensure that they are efficient, easy to use and informative. We will transform existing data dumps into interactive reporting tools with easy to read results – colour coded; charts; and scroll bars that allow you to easily see the effect of changes.

  • Key figures at a glance
  • Dashboards
  • Fast
  • Easy data loads
  • Audit and risk assessments
  • Understanding the spreadsheet
  • Adding visual controls

Sometimes you just need a little help with an existing spreadsheet.
Some of the common spreadsheet problems we can work with you to solve include:

  • Spreadsheet erroring
  • Spreadsheet too slow
  • Your not sure how it works
  • Your not sure how to implement some necessary changes
  • It is too difficult to read
  • Your not sure how to make it more flexible
  • need to automate the loading of data
  • It’s too manual and time-intensive is there a way to automate
  • Audit / spreadsheet risk analysis

Juanita has added tremendous value to the true alliance business in the past few years. She is ‘the’ master of building robust, innovative and purposed models for the use of different stakeholder requirements.

Her business sense combined with her modelling skills is a hard set of skills to come by and True Alliance’s staff are privileged to work alongside with her.
Noel David – True Alliance

The thing that stood out for me was that you were instantly in tune with how my businesses need to log and use their information.
James Hinks – Total GSE

I have dealt with Juanita at Excel Expert and have no problem recommending her excel skills.
She is prompt and accurate with a great attention to detail.

We currently use Juanita to formulate our end of month spreadsheets, which she delivers with ease.
Julian Perego – Accumulate

Juanita was a great, very informative and knowledgeable + VERY patient
Belinda Quinn – Trivett


Excel Training